Ideals are at stake in the Trump era

We may have gotten ahead of ourselves this month by sounding off on globalization and deregulation without stopping to comment on the tenor of the U.S. election campaign we just witnessed or the character of the man who won it.

Industry can't turn global tide, so it has a choice to make

The relentless pursuit of order and efficiency on a global scale has left a good deal of chaos in its wakthat e. But no matter the voters' verdict,

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Lynk's retail plan needlessly risks wrath of dealers

The fledgling Lynk & CO brand plans to enter the U.S. and Europe in 2018 with a distribution system that largely skips franchised dealers. Bypassing the franchise system may be toughest obstacle to overcome. It's certainly an avoidable one.

Creating a place where people want to work is a win-win

Every dealership must stand ready to question some of the fundamentals of how it does business. Such efforts will pay double: A dealership that molds itself into a rewarding place for millennials and women to work is likely to be a welcoming place for them to shop as well.

More EVs? Stay tuned

Chasing the Chevrolet Bolt, with its 238-mile range, several automakers say they will come to market with EVs featuring lower prices and better ranges than the first generation. It's fair to ask why. There's a good reason.

In the know and at the show

Car companies are smart to give closer scrutiny to their auto show spending. Some are skipping the expensive show exhibits -- as Ford is this week in Paris -- and in some cases they're relying on piggyback events nearby.

Agreed: This company has to bloody learn

When Matthias Mueller became CEO of a tainted Volkswagen AG, he spoke of plans to gradually introduce a new culture of openness to the company. But he added that he didn't "believe in revolutions, and Volkswagen doesn't need one anyway." Wrong.

U.S. carmakers get the hang of globalization

These are complicated times for U.S. companies trying to sort out strategies in unpredictable emerging markets. But in recent years GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler have found some success.

Help Louisiana's displaced dealership workers

The flood waters are receding in dozens of parishes across central Louisiana and most auto retailers are reopening, but hundreds of dealership employees are still struggling to put their lives back together.