Don't expect Nissan to ditch stair-steps

Just as car dealership sales personnel are offered incentives to increase business, Nissan has offered its dealers incentives to reach higher. And in recent years, they did and sales climbed.

Golden anniversary and a golden age for Subaru in U.S.

Subaru of America's 50th anniversary is a perfect time to contemplate what has made this brand so successful.

Auto shows, bring back the concepts

An auto show just isn't the same without the edgy or even flipped-out concept vehicles that used to be a staple at international shows, but have been on the wane.

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Lincoln is the automaker to watch

Lincoln Motor Co.'s consecutive yearly U.S. sales streak was snapped at three in 2017, but the luxury brand deserves some credit.

Near death of EV tax credit is a lesson on government

The broader impact of the tax overhaul passed last month may take years to become clear. But given the precarious state of the EV market, it could have been a big setback for the industry had earlier proposals to wipe out the EV tax credit made it into law.

Musk must ask for help — before it's too late

As great as Musk and his team at Tesla are at developing products, their performance thus far at building them at a scale to meet demand is embarrassingly bad, no matter how much money they seem to be throwing into the effort.

Future belongs to leaders with vision

The industry is on the verge of a spectacular realignment, and whether it follows Bob Lutz's vision or not, never has it been more important to have a vision.